2016 Board Line Up

    The 2016 board line up is here with a few changes!


    To start we have a brand new advanced shape called the AMP. With a nimble squash tail and a narrow nose, this board has the float and agility to take on any conditions. Last years newest model, The Fuse and Fuse X are just as good as ever with new ultra light materials and rad designs. The ArrowHead advanced freestyle is finely tuned to perfect this year with an awesome new nose to tail arrow graphic. One of last years favorites, the Puffer Fish with a single puff wing to give you the extra float in smaller conditions. Last years Dave Scott model, now called the Filibuster, has be fine tuned with a slightly added width to the nose to get more float but not lose any pro performance with the narrow tail. This years Casey Kiernan, or the Fishstick has also been tuned a bit and now is one of our personal favorites in the 2016 collection.

    Our best selling Boomhower, Rocketfish, and M5 are still unmatched and in no need of any updates other then some fresh graphics for 2016. We cleaned up the graphics for our Ace, Pro, and Chimp models for 2016. Sometimes solids just look and feel much better. That is all the changes for the 2016 line up. Get your’s this spring at your local shop and get to shredding!





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