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    2021 Shore LB Mulligans Skim Jam Recap

    Words: Naji Taha
    Photos: Nick Forfar, Devin Demenezes, and Naji Taha

    Talk about one heck of a fun weekend! We would like to thank our friends from Shore LB and Skim USA for throwing down this epic skim contest at Vero Beach. We had a great time and one the best weekends yet, as we were blessed with some waves on the last day making it a big time show for the audience.  The conditions overall was nothing but paradise with clear blue skies and sun shining down. It was great to be down at the beach with everyone for the first time in awhile and everyone was throwing down!  Here's the recap for what went down of the contest and how the results turned out. We will see everyone at the next Skim USA stop in Panama City! 

    Video: Devin Demenezes

    Skim USA and Shore LB showing out!

    Victor the Announcer!

    Tim Everest about to do work in his Semi Final heat!

    Naji Taha providing the right recommendations for boards to fans and beach goers. 

     Team Pro Riders: Zack Carter & Naji Taha

    Todd Rhoten and his little man. Love seeing the legends giving back to the future!

     Always spreading the product love to riders!

    Team Rider Zeke Williams warming up for his heat 

    Team Rider Nick Forfar eyeing the next wave! 

    Pro team rider Naji Taha during his heat

    Local ripper Cade Durell killing it all weekend and getting through his heats and making that podium standing, great job!

    Zap Team: Nick Turdo, Zack Carter, Corey Klitz,  Naji Taha,  Alex Ferell, Gerardo Valencia, and John Akerman 

    Pro Team Rider Zack Carter in the Quarter Finals

    Pro Team Rider from Melaque Mexico- Gerardo Valencia during the Quarter Finals

    Pro Team Rider Nick Turdo crushing it all weekend

    Pro Team rider Gerardo Valencia

    Team Rider Chip Sanders doing work all weekend!

    Da Boyz Naji, Zeke, Gerardo

    Kyle Tidey and John Akerman 

    Epic battle this was with John Akerman and Gerardo Valencia

    Groms taking over!

    Womens Division: 1st Place - Sydney Pizza
    Congrats and way to go kill it all weekend!

    Pro Womens: Casey Kiernan taking that win!

    JR Mens Division: 2nd Place - Corey Klitz 

    Mens Division: 2nd Place - Zeke Williams, 4th Place - Alex Ferrell

    GrandMasters: 3rd Place - Chip Sanders

    Professional Mens: 1st Place - Gerardo Valencia, 2nd Place - Nick Turdo, 4th Place - Zack Carter, 5th Place - John Akerman

    Jr. Womens Divsion: 1st Place - Rylea

    Semi Pro Division: 1st Place - Eoin Lally 

    We want to congratulate everyone who placed in the competition and couldn't be more happier than kicking the season off on the right foot.  Thank you Shore LB and Skim USA. See you out on the beach!

    Photos: Nick Forfar, Devin Demenezes, and Naji Taha
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