90 Seconds Movie: Jason Wilson


    Happy Memorial Day. Team manager Jason Wilson has been invited to compete in this pretty awesome video contest, 90 Seconds Movie. 90 seconds to show what you’ve got! Check out the trailer and more info about the contest below.

    More about the contest.

    “90 seconds…….
    That’s all the time you’ve got.
    You have to make an impression and you have to make it fast.
    This is your first and only interview.
    You have to make it count.
    Do it for every underground Maryland and Delaware surfer before you.
    Do it because everyone gets love but you.
    Do it because you surf as good as them.
    But do it quick…………

    90 Seconds is a film collaboration for the digital age between Colin Herlihy of the Backwoods Crew, Joey Dwyer of JWD Productions, and Eugene Stiltner from Crazy 8s: Sandwiches, Soups, and Salads in Ocean City, MD. The movie came about when Colin and Eugene sat down discussing Colin’s sponsorship with Crazy 8s and some different things that could be done with the local surf community.

    They decided on a surf contest for Delaware and Maryland surfers that had an online component and a live and in person one as well. Joey Dwyer signed on to edit and direct the project and it was off to the races. The 90 Seconds website will run for 3 months with the invitees and anyone else throwing their hat into the ring and putting footage up to get people excited for their part. Then on July 31st at K-Coast Surf Shop and Crazy 8s on 35th street in Ocean City, MD a winner will be picked live by the crowd on hand for the movie!”

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