Boardwalk Blowup: Day 1

    Today was a great day at the Boardwalk Blowup in Indialantic, FL. Waves were clean with the offshore wind and the sun was out most of the day! Waves were around 1-2 feet with occasional bigger sets and pretty fun. Congrats to team riders Stephen Bradford, Dave Scott, Derek Shenton, Danny McDonald, and Dave Armstrong all advanced in the professional division. Also AM riders Helen Holt, Sam McCoy, Casey Ritzer, Chris Brown, Chuck Wright, Roman Hager, and Naji Taha were ripping in their heats today. All in all it was a great day and check out some photos from today below!

    Photo Credit: Dave Scott/Erika Ritzer
    Monster wrap Morning demo setup All new kick pads Chris and Casey having some fun Check in lione Helen and her mother running check in Max wrap Erick Fs down the line Duke floatering a nice one Dave with a nice BS 360 Chris Brown with as nice fan Bradford with a really nice wrap Akerman ripping Helen on another good one Monster BS Helen having fun Tent Roman with a nice BS shwack Max getting some of the best wraps of the day Derek Shenton BS Derek Shenton with a nice bash Roman with a lofty shovit Max wrapping Jason down the line Chuck finding fun omes in his heat Jason FS reverse Dave FS shwack Casey BS liner Monster BS again Casey BS shwack Bradford fs John Akerman shovit at the peak Helen BS Dave out of focus Chris BS

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