Catching Up With Bruno Sá

    New interview with Brazilian team rider Bruno Sá! See what he has been up this past year and his plans for this one.

    Rider: Bruno Sá

    Interviewed By: Dave Scott

    The athlete Bruno Sá recently made a quick trip to Maceió – AL.


    GREEN: Dave || BLACK: Bruno

    Hi Bruno! What have you been up too?

    I have been studying at college and training a lot. Overall I have been very focused.

    Are you going on any skim trips this year?

    This year I want to do bigger trips and competitions, also keep promoting the sport in the cities next to me.


    You are so talented with technical skim tricks. Which one is your favorite?

    I love to learn tricks and new maneuvers. I think there is no limit for skimboarding. I have a few favorites tricks like the backflip, bigspin 540 and front bigspin 180 grab air.

    Do you have any new secret tricks you are working on?

    About new tricks, that’s a good question. I have been focus more on my style and my technique. But one of the tricks I have been doing is front slob grab 360.


    Looks like you are studying to become an architect. Is this a passion of yours? Please tell us a little about it.

    Yes, I’m at college for indoor design and I love it. I have some architects in my family. I believe my passion comes from them too. The skimboard is also part of my life and my real passion, but unfortunately we can’t just live by the sport only.

    One random questions. What is you favorite food to eat after a long skim session?

    My favourite food after the skim it’s obviously a big Açai.


    Any shout outs?

    First of all thanks god for the opportunities in my life. Thanks Zap Skimboards for all the support, for the best boards and for giving me this opportunity. Thanks wavegrip for the best pads and wax, nitroskate for my progression and Rootskim for the clothes. Also thanks to all skimboarders and those who keep supporting me.









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