Checking in with Mason Broussard

    At the ripe age of 20, Mason Broussard is out here gettin it. Hailing from Gulf Shores, AL Mason is fresh to the west enjoying everything California has to offer. We checked in with him last month to learn more about his past, present, and future.

    Zap: How did you get into Skimboarding? 

    Mason: I am from Gulf Shores, AL. I originally started skateboarding at a young age and was lucky enough to live by the beach as well. One day I went to the beach and saw some kids skimboarding and instantly wanted to give it a shot! After buying a wooden board from Surf Style I went to the beach and learned real quick this would take lots of practice! Over time I saw some kids that rode for the local shop and started asking questions and one thing led to another. I eventually started picking up on tricks they were doing very fast (thanks to skateboarding). 

    Zap: What other sports and hobbies do you have?

    Mason: I also really enjoy traveling, surfing, skateboarding, skimboarding, snowboarding, and spreading good vibes to others!!!

    Zap: How did you get sponsored?

    Mason: After going to lots of skimboarding events I kept getting better and placing better in the competitions. I ended up winning the JR. Men and Semi Pro divisions at the Zap World Championship in Dewey Beach, Delaware and also the JR men, round of champions, and the crossover tour!! Zap had contacted me and asked if I’d like to represent their team!!!!! Of course I accepted the offer and shortly after I won the JR. Men and Semi Pro divisions at the Shore lb. Thrown Down in Stuart Beach, FL!

    Zap: What is Wavy Wonders?

    Mason: Wavy Wonders is a brand I started to help get me to all of the events and places. I need to help my dreams come true and of course to spread the love and passion of skimboarding, skateboarding, and surfing!!! I am still making products and if interested you can check out my website wavywonders.com

    Zap: What motivates you?

    Mason: Coming from a place that has no scene for skimboarding or skateboarding it’s very hard to be/find motivation! But everyone has dreams and would love for them to come true but not everyone has the time and hard work to make them happen. If you want something bad enough you wont stop till it’s yours. Anything is possible!!

    Zap: What are some short term and long term goals?

    Mason: Short term goal for me would be posting the best content and showing the world my love and passion for what I do! A long Term goal for me would be traveling out of the country putting my talents to the test!

    Zap: What is your dream day?

    Mason: My dream day would have to be waking up and snowboarding in Big Bear, CA then going to Malibu and getting some fun skim and surf!! Then end the day with a skate session at the berrics!!!

    Zap: Are you a quiet person?

    Mason: Ya, a lil more on the quiet side.

    Zap: Are you single? Do you have tinder?

    Mason: I am single and maybe...

    Zap: Favorite Outfit?

    Mason: Favorite fit would be black wavy wonders beanie, red wavy wonders sweater, a black no sleeve vest, black asphalt pants with roses down both legs, and ya gotta have the black and red vans depending on the day.

    Zap: Sponsors?

    Mason: I am currently sponsored by Zap Skimboards, Run Drop Slide, and Wavy Wonders!!

    Zap: Final words/ Shoutout:

    Mason: Big shoutout to everyone out there getting up everyday and going to work when you don’t feel like it and to everyone that doesn’t come from a lot cause those people have to strive like no other!!!!

    Interview: Jason Wilson

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