Interview with Jacob Capps


    New interview with long time AM team rider Jacob Capps. Interviewed by team manager Jason Wilson. Learn what board Jacob uses to shred, what he has been up to this past summer, and some fun facts. Check it out!

    Photos taken by Wade Cobb
    ORANGE: Jason Wilson || BLACK: Jacob Capps

    Age: 21

    Home: OBX, NC

    Stance: Regular

    Sponsors/Support: Zap Skimboards, Alley Oop skim

    Boards: Size, Shape/Model, thickness, rails (boxy or tapered), colors. 

    Board #1 || 51″ J dub – 5/8 w/ Boxy Rails – Blue Top – Blue Bottom – OAM Pads – Mrs Palmers Wax
    Board #2 || 53″ J dub – 3/4 Middle Tapered to 5/8 – Boxy Rails – Teal Bottom – White Top – Zaplix Pads – Mr Palmers Wax

    5 copy

    Tell me what you like about having these boards in your quiver. Do you use a one for certain conditions?

    I love being able to have 2 different size boards to adjust with the conditions. I use my 51″ 5/8th rails on big wrap days and when I’ m feeling really feeling techy, it is very responsive and has a a lot of pop. My medium Jdub works really well on liners and some farther out days. The tapered rails have more float to make it out to those untouched sets while keeping that smooth and responsive feel.

    What’s new in your world? How was your summer?

    Summer went by way to fast but it was awesome! I started getting into a little gardening this year
    that has been pretty rewarding in itself. Nothing like some fresh veggies…

    What is the skim scene in OBX like these days?

    It has been pretty low key mostly. The well known breaks have small crowds while the hidden breaks have remained mostly empty.

    Favorite local skim spots and place too travel?

    The point, Nags Head Pier, and Aliso.


    Where and when were these epic liner photos taken? (ones you sent)

    Nags Head pier, NC during the swell from Hurricane Bertha.

    Who do you skim with the most?

    John Joyce, Joe Rice, and Wade Cobb

    What or who inspires you to keep skimboarding?

    2 of my favorite reasons “inspirations” are… The feeling after having a really killer session with your good buddies.The Grom Sessions, when all the local groms come out and are landing new tricks and amping each other up. There stoke level can’t be matched and always produce an energetic and fun session.


    Are there any tricks your working on?

    Frontside airs.

    Do you have any goals for the future with skimboarding?

    I would like to enter a pro heat and skim sununga one day.

    What do you do when your not skimming?

    I love to tinker and build things,”cabinets, mirrors, cat climber trees” ect…
    Also fishing, surfing, skating, and biking.

    5 Favorites: Website?


    Phone App:

    Clash Of Clans

    Football Team:





    Necco Wafers


    Final words?

    Eat Healthy – Run Faster


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