Catching Up With Chip Sanders

    Chip Sanders, aka GNARLY CHIP, is one of those dudes that can get along with anyone. He's always stoked and always down for a shred. We caught up with him to ask him some quick questions to see what he's all about so check it out!

    ZAP: What's up, Chip? Let's cut right to the chase. Where's your home break?
    CHIP: St. George Island, FL

    Z: What Zap board model do you like to ride?
    C: I really dig the Fuse X with Gator Skin Carbon Fiber.

    Z: What about your favorite place to skim?
    C: Newport Beach, California for sure

    Z: Do you have any other Hobbies?
    C: If I'm not skimming, I'm usually still on the water. I've been foiling a good bit, wake surfing, and skateboarding. I also love playing basketball and just creating things with my hands.

    Z: Do you have any business endeavors? What do you do to pay the bills?
    C: I am self-employed actually. I own multiple businesses; one of them is called Califlorida House of Açaí and the other one is Califlorida Shakes & Waffle Burgers. I also own a software company based out of Delaware called Cash Link so that's exciting.

    Z: What kind of music gets you pumped to ride?
    C: 36 Mafia, Flo Rida, LMFAO, Pitbull, Project Pat ,90’s Dance Music, Smash Mouth, Korn , 311, Rammstein... I love me some Rammstein, they put on a heck of a show.. I could keep naming so next question please! *laughs*

    Z: I know you have a lot of them but what's your most memorable skim moment?
    C: When I arrived in Delaware back in 2015 for the first time and didn’t know what the hell a wrap was. I was clueless! I had Casey Kiernan teach me the one step drop in five minutes because 20 dudes were trying to teach me and I couldn’t understand one of them! *laughs* All I know is Harry Wilson put me in a room full of pros: Tony Bianchi, Max Smetts, Casey Kiernan, Matt Buchanan, Nate Flanagan, Jared Green, and Stephen Bradford. Imagine that!

    Z: Who's your favorite Skimmer?
    C: Next question please. I can’t have people mad at me! *laughs* There’s too many great ones out there to only name one.

    Z: What's your go-to fit? Skinny or baggy?
    C: Skinny all day

    Z: Last but not least...who let the dogs out?
    C: George Clinton, DMX, and Snoop.... fool 😝

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    • Hi Chip ! Great interview . You were a bit modest though. I first met you , on a trip with friends to SGI, at your Photography Studio . You forgot to mention your love of shooting photos of the ocean . Especially the waves . I purchased several of them over a few vacations . (Not to mention all the volunteer work you have been involved in .) Also, I didn’t hear your beloved Grandmother’s name mentioned ! I’ve never met the lady but I feel like I know her ! Good luck 🍀 in the 2023 Season and God Bless !

      De Snell

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