Meet Erik from Indonesia

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    Over this past summer team riders Dave Scott and Emanuel Embaixador had the opportunity to find some skim in Indonesia. They lucked out in Bali at a beach called Dreamland. The waves were 3-4 ft right on the shore with beautiful warm blue water. While there they met some local guys that skimmed on body boards and were ripping it up. One guy in particular stood out. With in 2 days of using a skimboard for the first time he was ripping so we had to leave him with a board. Meet Erik Sumbertawan, 24 years old from Dreamland Beach on the island of Bali, Indoniesia. We are sure next time we see him he will be blowing our minds. Check out a quick interview and photos of home below.

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    ORANGE: Dave Scott || BLACK: Erik

    Hey, how have you been?

    All good here!

    Years skimboarding and riding waves?

    Since 2000 when I learn with a body board.

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    How do you like using a skimboarding?

    I love the skim.

    How do you like the my pro model we left with you?

    I like it so much, because of the shape of the board. Zap is the best!

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    Have any of the locals been skimming with you?

    Yes of course but they use bodyboards. It is very hard to get skimboard in Indonesia. It is to expensive.

    Do you see skimboarding getting more popular in Indonesia?

    Yes, but the local still use bodyboards.

    Great talking with you. Is there anything you would like to add?

    I hope that skimboarding be get more popular in Indonesia.
    Let’s ZAP the wave!

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