Portugal Session

    Recently Max Smetts took study abroad trip to France for some college credits. After finished he decided since he was so close to Portugal that he would meet up with team rider Emanuel Embaixador for some waves.

    Photos || Wrap Production
    1511459_622369551231899_451437336657971636_o 11411941_622369374565250_8250235781919029245_o 11357123_622369534565234_963495641219540806_o 11405546_622369444565243_1677270238578317068_o 11147889_622369421231912_5673314786753569683_o 11402492_622369434565244_2016317832830857204_o 11406682_622369481231906_3993001257419293075_o 11429657_622369511231903_1904203624221244691_o 1266734_622369521231902_413263153990881266_o 11032403_622369347898586_5925609577824743363_o 11411639_622369324565255_8669638197640307948_o 10869810_622369314565256_5705274071776442933_o 11412227_622369367898584_359173639602190483_o 11426770_622369277898593_5061044715700269369_o 11425539_622369274565260_1386862270711325579_o 10497190_622369267898594_7219651205344613437_o 11406491_622369567898564_5280805340586117095_o

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