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    Roman Hager has been going hard skimming and skating down in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  He just launched his new website, TheLordOfTheBoard.com, with tons of content and all of his big moments. Make sure to follow his site and check out these awesome photos of him below. Enjoy :)

    Photo Credit: Khye Vogt
    1397337_674834782561664_871447644_o 903921_674834689228340_1798089608_o 1400656_674834499228359_1966245687_o 1294266_674835209228288_2022050437_o 1397696_674834979228311_1236511046_o 1400625_674835039228305_2081705627_o 1465982_674834605895015_659227106_o 1397729_674835252561617_680809170_o 1421311_674835165894959_1229697617_o 1421280_674834942561648_1122765005_o 1483981_674835329228276_642424608_o 1402298_674834849228324_1826911986_o 1397141_674834939228315_637697605_o 1397632_674835149228294_588773161_o 1397172_674834982561644_1011618122_o

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