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    Team Update

    Words: Max Smetts

    A lot has been happening in the Zap World the past few months and we haven’t given our new team riders enough recognition. We are stoked to have Mason Broussard, Nick Turdo, and Zack Carter join our family this year.

    Mason Broussard:

    Mason hails from the great state of Alabama and is known for his tech game. He recently joined the Professional ranks and has already asserted himself in the competitive scene by beating out multiple seasoned riders. There is no ceiling for Mason as he is super talented and young. His background in skateboarding has really allowed him to push and progress his skimboarding. His board of choice at the moment is the Hell Cat which has been a popular choice among our Gulf Coast riders for the smaller mushy conditions. Mason is one to watch out for in the coming years!

    Board of Choice: Hell Cat


    Nick Turdo:

    If you go to a lot of contests, chances are you have seen this young gun kicking butts and taking names. He is competing in the Jr. Mens ranks but will definitely be scaring some professional riders in the future. Nick has a great surf style to his riding and is fun to watch in waves. Just like the majority of top amateur riders, his tech game is solid and links together tricks very well. On top of it all, he is a great young ambassador for our sport of skimboarding and we couldn’t be happier to have him apart of our family.

    Board of choice: Fuse-X


    Zack Carter:

    The most recent family member we have added! He has already proven himself as the next tech wizard and wave slayer. This kid throws down some serious style on every maneuver he makes. The sky is the roof for what he can do on a skimboard and we are happy to have in board with us. The future is looking bright with all of these young guns pushing the sport!


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