The Hellcat V2

    The Hellcat V2 lives up to its name in every way! A revamped version of the original Hellcat, V2 is made to attack the waves and doesn’t hold back. The Hellcat V2 comes in at ⅝” thick with a nice wide outline for increased stability and a fuller nose and squash tail to make it a more forgiving ride than its predecessor. You’ll get all the speed down the line that you’ll ever need when you throw this board down. Made with our Zap developed E-Glass™ Wrap for a strong finish, the Hellcat V2 can take any punishment you throw at it. A team favorite and all-around crowd pleaser, the Hellcat V2 is a part of our “Ultra-Team” series for good reason – this board rips! We caught up with team rider Naji Taha to give us his take on it and why you would dig this ride!

    ZAP: What are some of your favorite features of the Hellcat V2?
    Naji: The Hellcat V2 is a super fun board. I really dig the width of it and its speed down the line. It’s a great board for those small to medium size days which we get a lot of on the gulf side.

    ZAP: You’re a fairly aggressive rider. How does the Hellcat V2 help your style of riding?
    Naji: The speed of the board definitely helps out my riding for sure. It also has a very quick response on carves and plenty of pop for big airs.

    ZAP: When you’re sizing up a heavy break, you want to be 100% confident in your gear. What is it about ZAP that gives you that peace of mind?
    Naji: When it comes to sizing up boards for big waves, I ride my normal size at a 54” or I’ll go with a 55” to get that extra reach and response with no struggle on reaching waves that get tough for how far out they are. Always stick to your main size!

    ZAP: What kind of rider would you recommend this board to?
    Naji: For both the Hellcat V2 and V3, I’d put anyone in the intermediate range and up on it. It’s not too advanced of a board that only pros can ride but it can keep up with anyone who’s throwing down!

    ZAP: If you had to sum up this board in one sentence, what would it be?
    Naji: It’s an all-around great board for sure! Especially for the Florida waves on the gulf. So if you’re in a spot with smaller waves, definitely check it out.



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    • Can you guys text me when u bring this one back to the line up please?

      Jax babb
    • Ware can i purchase one i dont see them on your sight

      Jax babb

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