Throwback Thursday: Wes Lee

    Welcome to the first Throwback post of the year!

    Zap Skimboards has been around since the beginning of skimboarding and has been a major influence to the sport.  Even though people have been skimboarding for years the sport is still very young and has so much room for growth.  There have been many influential people in the past that have helped our sport to get where it is today!  We at Zap want to recognize these people as we ourselves help push the sport more and more every day.  Every Thursday we will highlight a person, image, or video that displays the history of our sport and where it has came from.

    Here is a man who has been skimboarding since 1984!

    This is Wes Lee, a Bluegrass Musician from Grayton, FL.  Not only has he been skimboarding since 1984, he has been riding the same Zap Skimboard since 1984. Here are two pictures that Wes sent us from two years ago.  Check them out!

    Wes and his son skimming the local break…. his backyard Slip n Slide.

    Wes’s best trick is a flat 3 shove.  Pretty solid trick at his local lagoon!

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