Travel Vibes: Brazil

    Read all about team rider Emanuel Embaixador’s trip down to Brazil and all of his adventures.

    Pics: Fabianna & Richard Camburino


    “Another great event down in Sununga, Brazil!  After a long waiting period with flat conditions, the waves finally arrived for the holiday weekend.  When the first waves start arriving they ran the round 2 and 3.  I ended up knocked out in the 3rd  round of competition against Blair and Sam, which are the number 1 and 2 on the 2015 ranking.  Still tons of fun, but unfortunately not the waves that everyone was waiting to see at Sununga. “

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    “On the very last day, the big swell arrived and the last competitors at the event gave the crowd and people watching live a great show of skim boarding. I was at the stage commenting for the web and giving the scores in english and portuguese to the riders. It was an amazing feeling! The winner was local Renato Lima from Sununga. Local boy winning means big party! He deserved to win with his great backside attack with precision, control, and a bit of luck and local knowledge.”


    “The last night we had a big dinner, and off course a great party at the ‘quiosques’ on the beach.  The very next day we had a session for a brazilian national TV, where i was also interviewed. https://www.facebook.com/VanguardaMix/videos/1161774983873005/ After that I went to Rio, the waves weren’t great at all, but I went to visit the studio of one of the pioneers of the skimboarding ;)


    “After the Sununga event, my buddies and I went up to Rio de Janeiro. 6 1/2 hours on bus, not bad at all because you can see beautiful parts of the magical Brazilian coast. We ended up staying on a Hostel in Ipanema. The place was pretty cool place, 2 blocks away from the beach. Unfortunately the waves were not so great. Rio is not only waves on the beach, you can find pretty amazing waves waiting on walls at Vidigal and the artist behind this arts, is Wilson Alexandre!”


    “Wilson was one of the pioneers of the skimboarding in all brazil. he created probably the first skim company (Wilson Skimboards) in Rio. All wood, old school with some amazing arts. I have been seeing for years his arts and for some reason this was the first time I had chance to met with him and talk a little bit.”


    “Before I went visit him, I met with old friend and skimboarder Taiana Bastos. She lives near by Wilson and introduce us to him. We spent all morning talking with him telling stories about the first contests, his 2 years adventures in Sununga, the Rio crew, and also his amazing pieces of arts.

    Unfortunately he doesn’t make many skimboards, he is spending time creating different pieces of art, recycling stuff, street art walls and much more. Wilson is the man! A great guy. If you are in Rio and you like art and skim, don’t forget to visit him!

    Thanks also Lucas Fink for the best night in Rio, Palaphita is the place and thats me drinking an awesome caipirinha! ;)

    See u soon Brazil!!!!”
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