Zap + Ride Nature in North Korea

    We recently donated a quiver of awesome skimboards to Ride Nature. Ride Nature is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was founded to bring board sports and the Truth to children living in poverty around the world. They are always spreading their love of surfing, skateboarding, and skimboarding around the world. Here is a few words about their most recent trip to North Korea.

    Words from Rider Nature.

    Another day in the life of Ride Nature…..

    Hey guys! We hope all is well. We recently sent two staff on a trip to North Korea. It was kind of crazy how the doors opened for us to be a part of that trip but they were able to help host the first ever skate camp and also led the 2nd ever surf camp in North Korea. Not only did we send staff, skateboards, and surfboards, but we also sent 20 Zap skimboards into a Country that literally had never even seen a skimboard before. While we’re super bummed that we didn’t get more footage/pics we did get a couple really good pictures from one of the days that we took all of the boards to the beach.

    Thank you guys again for all of your continued support!

    For more information about Ride Nature, to get involved, make a donation, or to shop online, visit: www.ridenature.com

    DPRK-458 DPRK-460 DPRK-513 DPRK-526 DPRK-514 DPRK-527 DPRK-525 DPRK-516 DPRK-521 DPRK-528 DPRK-523 DPRK_Chae-785 DPRK-529 DCIM101GOPROG0170948. DCIM102GOPROGOPR1292. DCIM102GOPROGOPR1289. DCIM102GOPROG0200984. img_0121

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