Zap Team Wakesurfing

    Here it is, the long awaited final section of the Phase 5 team videos we have been releasing. Phase 5 team riders Drew Danielo and Chris Hau rip behind the boat wakesurfing while the Smetts’ brothers, Max, Zach, and Blake, all shred behind the boat or at the beach.  Watch as Max skims from the shore to catch the boat wake! Also guest appearances of Zap team riders Dave “Monster”  Armstrong and Justin Boisclair.  At Zap Skimboards and Phase 5, we are all about pushing the limits and doing things the wakesurfing world has never seen.

    We headed out to a local spot down south from the Zap/Phase 5 headquarters and had an epic day! Boss, Bob Smetts, and the rest of his team had one super exciting, fun packed day that has only inspired us to get out there and do some more. Keep your eyes peeled for more of this action in the near future.

    Filmed+Edited by: Corbin Blanton of CB Filmz
    Music: “Tethered” by The Bloody Five

    Make sure you check this band out. Phase 5 team rider Chris Hau is the guitarist for the Bloody Five who are out of Canada. They are blowing up!

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